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In 1907 Harley-Davidson rolled Strap tank Model Number 2037 off the assembly line.

Today, it is con­sid­ered the best unre­stored exam­ple of the Strap Tank mod­el in exis­tence, sport­ing its orig­i­nal paint job, engine, frame and tires. It now resides in the Leg­ends Motor­cy­cle build­ing locat­ed across the park­ing lot from our Springville brew pub loca­tion. Guests enjoy­ing Strap Tank Brew­ery are encour­aged to walk over to Leg­ends to see the one-of-a-kind motor­cy­cle, along with dozens of oth­er extreme­ly rare and vin­tage bikes.

Rick Salisbury

With his many skills and pas­sions, Rick decid­ed to build a brew­ery, restau­rant and pub with a one-of-a-kind con­cept, design and atmos­phere that will be a des­ti­na­tion for locals and trav­el­ers alike. Ricks vision of cre­at­ing a unique facil­i­ty with fresh brewed beers, hand­craft­ed root beer and great food in a fam­i­ly friend­ly atmos­phere has made it a real­i­ty! Rick invites all to enjoy his new restau­rants as much as he does.