In 1907 Harley-Davidson rolled Strap tank Model Number 2037 off the assembly line.

Today, it is considered the best unrestored example of the Strap Tank model in existence, sporting its original paint job, engine, frame and tires. It now resides in the Legends Motorcycle building located across from the brew pub. Guests enjoying Strap Tank Brewery are encouraged to walk over to Legends to see the one-of-a-kind motorcycle, along with dozens of other extremely rare and vintage bikes.

Rick Salisbury

With his many skills and passions, Rick decided to build a brewery, restaurant and pub with a one-of-a-kind concept, design and atmosphere that will be a destination for locals and travelers alike. Ricks vision of creating a unique facility with fresh brewed beers, handcrafted root beer and great food in a family friendly atmosphere has made it a reality! Rick invites all to enjoy his new facility as much as he does.